Tracheostomy Tubes (Stainless Steel)


The complete line of Premier Tracheostomy and Laryngectomy tubes are manufactured of stainless steel to exacting standards and under strict quality controls.


Precise tolerances and high quality guarantee a number of important benefits:


An inner tube correctly fitted to the outer tube provides maximum airway and more efficient processing, cleaning and assembly.

A pilot (obturator) is shaped to be flush with the outer cannula to facilitate insertion.

Jackson Original – Regular Length


  • Have a 90˚ curve and a swivel lock to hold the inner cannula in place.


  • Neckplate shapes size 00-8 have a small, rectangular shape while sizes 9-10 have the larger oval-shaped neckplate.

Jackson Original – Short Length


  • Follows the original Jackson curve and meets the need for lengths between the regular Jackson and the short Luer Tube.

Jackson Improved – Extra Long


  • Are 16mm (5/8 in.) longer than the standard Jackson in sizes 5 through 7. In order to maintain the correct arc they are not as long in size 4.

Laryngectomy Tubes – Martin


The short length of this tube is standard on each of the available sizes and is attached to the plate at an acute downward angle.


All Martin Tubes have the large, oval-shaped neckplate.