LED Lamp – Bella


A powerful lamp on a very robust flexible arm appreciated by specialists who wish to perform small interventions in their practice, and who need skin and tissue tone rendered accurately. The ergonomic handle enables precise and intuitive positioning.


The optional intensity switch (50/100%) allows the practitioner to view the skin under different light levels. Ideal for dermatology, and minor or cosmetic surgery.


  • Light Intensity:  1680 Lumens
  • LED life span:  50,000 hrs minimum
  • Colour Temperature: 4500oK (neutral white)
  • Head Dimensions:  16 x 13 cm
  • Electric Consumption:  17 Watts
  • Electrical Protection: Insulation class II
  • Standards: IEC 60 601-1/ -2-41  
  • Power Cable Length:  3 meters
  • Flexible Arm:  70 cm

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