AlliedSil Silicone Tubing – Implant Grade

(30+ days of implant & Length = 50ft)

AlliedSil Silicone Tubing – Healthcare Grade

(<30 days of implant & Length = 50ft)

Applications of Implant Grade Tubing (PAT)


• Long-term implantation application within body

  -  Parotid gland

         -  Nasolacrimal duct

  -  Bile duct


• Conduit for electrical leads and provides an insulated path for signals for defibrillator or pacemaker.

Applications of Healthcare Grade Tubing (HAT)


  • Perfusion and other circulatory blood handling procedures
  • Suction drainage of surgical wounds
  • Prolonged dialysis or drainage of peritoneal cavity
  • Temporary feeding tube (gastrostomy) following abdominal surgery
  • Medical Catheters (Urology and respiratory)
  • Peristaltic pumpLaparoscopy insufflators
  • Laser plume evacuation