Lone Star Self-Retaining Retractors (Disposable)


The Lone Star Retractor System is comprised of a variety of self-retaining, adjustable retractors which offer superior access and visualization across a wide range of surgical applications.


From Gynecologists to Otolaryngologists, surgeons across the world consider Lone Star a “must have” product within their OR. These single-use retractors are light-weight and sterile-packaged to ensure streamlined delivery to the surgical field case after case.


Lone Star Reusable Retractor Rings

Flexible. Durable. Remarkable!


So simple - and yet so capable. These Reusable Retractor Rings have the qualities you need for optimum surgical results. They dramatically improve visibility in the surgical field, by eliminating the need for manual retractors and the personnel to hold them. 


The articulated design adapts to any region of the anatomy. Adjustable hinges and a system of Elastic Stay hooks allow easy positioning and repositioning throughout the procedure, without placing undue pressure on delicate tissues.


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